Conditions of use for the Site

Conditions of use for the Site

Conditions of use for the Site

The domain is managed and maintained by Altitudo s.r.l. in Villorba (Treviso, Italia) at via Fontane 93, P.IVA 03976950265.

These General Conditions of Use are governed by Italian law.
The company reserves the right to make changes to the Site and/or these General Conditions of Use at any time, after duly publishing information on such changes in a clear and manifest manner on its internet site, in this section. Any updates to the General Conditions of Use will come into force from their publication data on this Site. Any other legal information can be found in the notice on privacy and cookies policy.

All the contents published on this site, whatever their format, including web pages, graphics, chromatic motifs, logos, schemes, photographs depicting material objects and persons, instruments, characters and design, layouts, methods, processes, functions and software are part and parcel of the Site and therefore protected by copyright and every other intellectual property right of Altitudo s.r.l. and, to which ownership of the site refers, as also that of other possible holders, for various reasons and circumstances, of the rights and of the works present in this Site. Its production is forbidden without the express written consent of the various owners and assigns who are and remain the sole, exclusive proprietors of the right to authorise or prohibit its direct or indirect, temporary or permanent, partial or total reproduction in any manner, time or form. A derogation from a strict interpretation of this clause is constituted by the following provisions concerning sharing over social networks and sharing with specific recipients without any profit-making purpose.

The sharing and divulgation to both specific recipients and social media or other means of communication of the contents present herein and freely accessible is conceded subject to the indication of the original source and in respect of Altitudo s.r.l.’s goodwill. Any other use must be authorised in writing by the owner of the site, who shall remain the exclusive proprietor of the right to authorise or prohibit its direct or indirect, temporary or permanent, partial or total reproduction in any manner, time or form at its own final decision. Such behaviour, in any case, may only be performed for a legitimate purpose and without any profit-making motive. By way of example, the User cannot in any manner or for any reason, alter or modify the Site or the contents protected by copyright or by other intellectual property rights.

The company shall not be liable for any damage occurring to computer systems or the loss of data due to material downloaded or used during navigation and not even for any possible damage determined by the non-accessibility to the services found on this Site or caused by viruses, damaged files, errors, omissions, interruptions of service, cancellation of contents, problems concerning the network, ICT connections and non-authorised accesses, alteration/ cancellation of data, the non or faulty operation of the electronic equipment used by the User during navigation or in phase of acquisition.

The User is requested to read the Privacy Policy carefully so that he or she may understand how the Site collects and uses the personal data of users, as this notice is applicable even if the User accesses the Site without attempting to access the reserved area.

Any use that infringes the laws governing the Site and its contents shall be at the sole liability of the User who make access in this manner.

By accessing or making use of the Site, the User agrees to be bound by the Conditions of Use and by all the terms and conditions therein contained or cited as also by the additional terms and conditions provided for by the Site and which, therefore, constitute the grounds for its utilisation.

The User who accesses the Site may: navigate the Site, visualise the Site and its contents and conduct only and exclusively those acts of reproduction explicitly agreed to as an essential function of the Site itself.

The User who accesses and uses the Site shall be liable for any use that infringes the law governing the Site and its contents.

At the time of registration, the User must provide full and veracious data and, in the course of time, is requested to notify any changes by updating his or her profile in the dedicated area of the Site. The User is solely liable for false and incorrect information provided at the time of registration of an account, or at the time of making a purchase, as also for information supplied regarding third parties who have not given their prior consent to the use, in that manner, of such information.

The User is solely responsible for the custody, regular use and confidentiality of his/her own account and the credentials connected to its access, and shall accept the obligation to prevent access to his or her own IT device by other persons if such data are stored therein in a definitive manner or if access to the reserved area is permanently saved thereon, even after the conclusion of a session of work. If the User fails to protect his account, he or she shall be liable for any activity performed through his/her profile. Therefore, if any violation is discovered or his/her account is used without authorisation, he or she must immediately notify the company.

In the event of the infringement of the law, these General Conditions of Use, and of any other condition or guideline of the Company, the latter can cancel the User’s profile, and without prejudice to action for further damage and for which, as of now, it reserves the right to take every legal and extra-judicial action.

It must be remembered that the use of social networks by Altitudo s.r.l. make provision for a merely tacit consent to the conditions of use of such services, which, therefore, fall outside the remit and control of the owner of this domain. Users are requested to read the respective policies and conditions of use of each of these providers, and are reminded that refusal to accept such conditions may partially or wholly compromise the utilisation of the correlated services.

The Site could also contain connections to hyper-textual links to other websites extraneous to Altitudo s.r.l. and its proprietors, which are solely used to facilitate Users during navigation.

The Company does not perform controls on such sites and is not liable for their contents, the products and services offered, or the procedures used to collect and process the personal data of Users who access them during navigation. The Company disclaims all liability regarding contents that may be modified/ updated by third parties, given that such activities have a purely informative and divulgatory purpose, but do not form part of Altitudo s.r.l. own corporate activities.