Altitudo has worked on SharePoint since 2000, and from then he has always realized important projects on every new solution version. With SharePoint Altitudo team is able to provide qualified expertise and to implement projects in multiple areas, such as:

  • Intranet, Extranet, Internet Portals
  • B2C, B2B, B2X eCommerce
  • Document Management solutions, Records Management & Collaboration
  • Business Communities
  • Enterprise Search
  • Integration with enterprise systems (eg SAP, Dynamics, Formula, AS/400, etc.).
  • Vertical Applications
  • Business Intelligence
  • Identity Management
  • eLearning
  • Mobility

On Premise and in Cloud
Altitudo has significant experience in Sharepoint implementation both in traditional On Premise and Cloud environment, within the Microsoft Office 365 platform and hybrid environments supported by cloud infrastructures such as Windows Azure. The migration from On-Premise to Cloud environments is also part of our projects.

Altitudo and the Business Critical SharePoint Program
Altitudo is one of the few partners that is part of the important international “Business Critical SharePoint Program”, reserved for partners who are specialized in Sharepoint implementation inside integration context of critical business processes. This position allows Altitudo to access and take advantage of specialized international network’s experiences, making them available in future projects implementation with his customers.

Technological partnerships
During his projects Altitudo has experienced and selected many solutions and third-party add-ons, of which he is today the authorized reseller and implementer.

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